Welcome The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent is the only Australian-like pub in Estonia. Sincere and friendly Australians are known to be great gourmets, their favourite is undoubtedly meat - grilled poultry, beef and lamb meet are present on every festive table and they prefer roast meat for breakfast. Australian cuisine does not have any particular feature; it's mostly influenced by French and Italian cuisine. We have considered this fact compiling our menu; the most exotic courses we can advise are ostrich wok and fried shark meat.
Our main goal is to offer You and Your friends a memorable event- pleasant leisure in an adorable climate. has 160 seats. There are 4 TV-sets in the hall and one big screen for watching sports and other entertainment programs. You can play pool and darts also - we have a special room for that which is separated by a net (see pictures). s` cosy climate is perfect for different activities, e.g. to arrange birthday parties. On Sundays we arrange so called "children mornings", where theatre plays take place, different contests and games are held. Reserve a place in advance, before others pass you ahead!
Would You like to be our permanent customer?
In that case, don't hesitate to ask an application from our client service, where it is necessary to fulfil at least these columns, which concern Your name, date of birth and contact data (phone number, e-mail address or home address)- this way we can inform You of the fringe benefits and discounts, made especially for You!
The Permanent Customer card costs 100 kroons, but the benefits are priceless!

The Lost Continent - Narva mnt 19 Tallinn Tel. 6623665 Fax 6623655 e-mail: info@lostcontinent.ee